Ma vie est très occupée (4/16/2010)

I had a busy week, and each day was jam-packed with something, particularly during the day. Thankfully, I have all of my evenings free. I’m definitely not used to that. In Ohio, I had activities Sunday through Thursday nights, but now I have nothing. It’s weird. The good news is that I’m not really stressed. Unbelievable, I know. I have work to do, but I’m not worried. This is a good feeling. Very good.

Anyway, Monday, Nicole had her daughter, her son-in-law and her grandson over for une petite fête for her son-in-law. It was his birthday, so we celebrated with a fantastic dinner. The dinner was excellent, and Nicole is a wonderful cook. We had crevettes (shrimp still in the shells) and moules (mussels). The crevettes were an experience in themselves. By the end, I was an expert at shelling shrimp, though my hands were covered in butter and garlic. Crevettes are the French equivalent to chicken wings in America. (Below is the only picture I have of crevettes and mussels. I took the picture at La Grande Motte on Sunday.)

Then for dessert, we had gâteau (cake). The dough of the cake, which comprised two thin layers (each was about an inch thick), had a doughnut-like texture and a vanilla flavor. In between the layers of dough was a thin layer of fluffy vanilla crème. Large sugar crystals covered the top layer. Not only was the cake delicious, but it is a finger-food. You’re supposed to eat it with your hands! Finger-foods pretty much don’t exist in France, unless you eat at McDo (McDonald’s).

In other news, I had two rendez-vous (meetings) on Skype Wednesday with Madame Stewart (my high school French teacher) and her senior French classes. It was great conversing in French with her and her classes about my life in France. The best part is that Madame Stewart is taking a group of students to France and Switzerland, and we will be in Paris at the same time (Friday, June 10). They’re coming, and I’m going, but at least we have one day in common.

Oh, and two more little things. First, I discovered generic brands of French food (shown below). All of the food shown in the picture was a total of 2.60 Euros (about $3.25), and that’s extremely cheap. Second, I was able to stream Glee online last night. It gave me a taste of home, and the episode was quirky and wonderful.


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